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Sew Much More

Welcome to the Sew Much More Podcast!  The interviews here are with creative business owners, mostly in the Custom Window Treatment, Soft Home Furnishings, and Upholstery industry, but also with others that are sewing related or business related.

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Jun 15, 2018

This special 100th episode of the Sew Much More Podcast is sponsored by Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting, who loves to work with creative business owners to help them understand all aspects of their business and to use their gifts and talents to make it profitable. She is a strategic profitability coach certified in the Profit First methodology and can be reached at
Michele and I talk about the fact that we are not victims of what happens to us, but rather, we make choices! And we can respond instead of react.
If you want to purchase her Understanding Your Financials Course, enter SMM10 to get 10% off!

Katjy Healey
almost six years ago

Hi Ceil,
I loved your 100th episode! Congratulations on this achievement!

As I was listening, I came up with this idea: At the CWC in October, how about asking those in attendance that have been on your podcast to wear a button or sticker that says, “I’ve been a guest on Ceil’s podcast. Have you?” It could be a great conversation starter!

Looking forward to meeting you there! 😊