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Sew Much More

Welcome to the Sew Much More Podcast!  The interviews here are with creative business owners, mostly in the Custom Window Treatment, Soft Home Furnishings, and Upholstery industry, but also with others that are sewing related or business related.

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Jul 10, 2022

Claire Herne is the owner of Louie Custom Drapery, located in Darien Connecticut.
Claire's background is in investment banking, but she has sewn throughout her life, just for fun!
Moving from the UK to the US in 2009 meant decorating a big new house and she struggled to find a local workroom so she pulled out her sewing machine and started making drapes and pillows and found that she really loved it.
Soon, Claire, had friends asking her to start making soft furnishings for them and she decided that she should do this professionally.
Louie Custom Drapery (named after Claire's mom and daughter) has been in business for just over 4 years - she serves the local trade community.
Claire loves to interact with other workroom professionals and most of her learning has been through this wonderful group and at Workroom Tech.
Claire lives with her 15-year-old daughter, 2 dogs, a cat, and 2 rabbits (aka Darien Petting Zoo!), her workroom has recently been located in her garage and things are really taking off now.
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